Mini Muslim Creative (MMC)

Do you have a budding creative artist who has an entrepreneurial spirit? Apply to be a Mini Muslim Creative at the upcoming market. All MMC Vendors must be accompanied with an Adult as a Vendor and must exhibit items that are created by the “mini creative”; pre-manufactured items that are repackaged will not be allowed. Applicants must be ages 8 -16 to be accepted. We have a very limited number of Mini Muslim Creative vendor booths available and this year we will be selecting the most unique and creative mini entrepreneurs to join the market.

The Mini Muslim Creative market will be an integral part of our market, aimed to encourage and support our young muslim entrepreneurs. Allowing our mini muslims to make creative goods and learn the principles of marketing and selling at any early age with excellence.

Come support kid entrepreneurs who are crafters, makers, bakers, creators, and farmers… our future!

Date of Event: Sunday, February 26, 2023
Time: 11am-6pm
Venue: The Stafford Event Center
10505 Cash Rd, Stafford, TX 77477

Mini Muslim Creative Vendor Booth Fee: $100

All Food Vendors must complete a temporary food application with the Houston Muslim Market Event Coordinator and supply the additional license fee of $50 as per the City of Stafford requirements.   

Wifi: $10

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